Belvedere Inn
2550 S. State Rd. 7 Miramar, Fl 33023
Reservations: 954-842-4510
Telephone: 954-842-4510  Fax: 954-589-2294
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Tour Stay Program

As a Tour Group Leader, you have a lot on your plate. That’s why we make staying at our hotels the simplest, most enjoyable experience you’ll have. So, no matter if you’re a group of 5 or 30, we’ll treat you like family. Come Stay, Enjoy!

TourStay Program features:

  • One complimentary room for every 10 rooms occupied
  • 50% room discount for the bus driver
  • Pre-registration with keys in envelopes
  • Convenient free bus parking
  • Complimentary  breakfast Pastry
  • Free 24 hour Coffee
  • Complimentary high-speed Internet access
  • Free weekday morning newspaper